Flaxseed Neck and Shoulder Wraps

Flaxseed Neck & Shoulder Wrap $35.00
Delux Flaxseed Neck & Shoulder Wrap $35.00

11" x 15" Flaxseed Pad $25.OO

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Fabrics vary

These beautiful handcrafted neck & shoulder wraps are filled with natural flaxseed and will sooth your stressed or tired muscles. I use mine for fibromyalgia. Use them for arthritis pain relief too.
 I have chosen beautiful fabrics to use in making these wonderful wraps.
After just a few minutes in the microwave you can wear them to work at your desk, or relax in your favorite chair. I have even worn them in the car while driving.
You will love the comfort and feel of the soft warm soothing heat that is transferred to your neck and shoulders. Use this custom fit wrap hot or cold place it in the freezer for a while and use it as a cold pack.
I have designed these wraps to fit comfortably without being too heavy in the front or back.
These beautiful wraps are microwavable. They stay warm for up to thirty minutes. You are never confined to one area.
I use flax because the actual seed of flax contains 30-40% of an oil
known as flaxseed oil. This oil remains inside the seed. When the seeds are heated, the soft shell of the seed allows for moisture to be absorbed. Then as the seeds cool, a moist heat is released. Flaxseeds unique thermal and oil content allow for it to heat quickly and retain heat for 30-45 min. making it an ideal heating product.
Flaxseed will not crack, weighs less than rice and adjusts
comfortably to the contours of the body. Cheap fillers such as rice or wheat tend to lose their ability to retain water after repeated use. If they dry out, they are more likely to become scorched. They also tend to have a "food odor" when heated.
Although Flaxseed is a more expensive filler to use, I believe it to be the best to use for
Hot and Cold Therapy Heat Packs and Wraps